Happy Birthday to The Classic Corner !

The Classic Corner turns (30) in 2017

(1987 - 2017)

PLEASE NOTE: In an ongoing effort to maintain the integrity of our auction items and give our bidders a more positive experience, we will be updating lots periodically with better photos and in depth (if needed) descriptions.

December 2016 Price List (pdf)

Auction Alert -

30th Anniversary (1987 - 2017) Auction # 4

Auction # 4 of 2017 results are in. Click on the Current Auction tab to view them.        

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We are already accepting consignments for our next auction. Contact Jim Miller - President & CEO - for more information.



James Miller is pleased to announce the opening of his new business venture: Diets for Life


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We are pleased to announce that The Classic Corner will be offering Collectible Fine Wines in our Auctions later this year. 

Currently accepting consignments for our next Auction. Contact Jim Miller for specifics