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         Washington - First in War, First in Peace and Last in the American League                                                                                                    






Auction II of 2024 is Now Open for Bidding

This Auction concludes on Friday May 3rd, 2024 at 10 PM (EST)

Now accepting consignments

Our realized prices are commensurate with & sometimes exceed those of the Industry Elite.   

Consignment Call: We are currently accepting consignments for our next auction. All inquiries are always handled in a courteous & professional manner.


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We are already accepting consignments for our next auction. Contact Jim Miller - President & CEO - for more information.

James Miller is pleased to announce the opening of his new business venture: Diets for Life

            Auction IV of 2021 will be in December 

We are already accepting consignments for this upcoming auction. For more detailed information on how we can help you maximize your potential for success, please contact Jim Miller at # (609) 586-4815. All inquiries are handled in strict confidence. 

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We are pleased to announce that The Classic Corner will be offering Collectible Fine Wines in our Auctions later this year. 

Currently accepting consignments for our next Auction. Contact Jim Miller for specifics